Toll Free number at no extra charge
No busy signals & no waiting to send and receive
Send/Receive multiple faxes at a time
Pay by credit card
Unlimited Sending and Receiving

GuiFax Unlimited Internet Faxing Solution is a powerful, scalable, and secure e-mail based faxing solution that integrates faxing with your existing e-mail system into a seamless solution for both corporate and mobile employees. GuiFax's unlimited internet based service allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their existing e-mail accounts as electronic messages, anytime and anywhere. GuiFax has worked with both the financial and healthcare industries and completely understands the compliance standards required by these industries.

Using conventional fax infrastructure such as fax machines and fax servers represents a huge “hidden cost” that impacts productivity, efficiency, and profitability. GuiFax offers a proven solution to align faxing with your overall corporate productivity, IP networking, security and compliance objectives by:

  • Providing fax send / receive functionality whenever and wherever employees access e-mail
  • Dramatically lowering the personnel and infrastructural costs of faxing
  • Fully leveraging the network and desktop security, and compliance / records retention investments you are already making for e-mail and electronic documents.

No Hardware - No Software
With no hardware or software installation, GuiFax faxing solutions require no capital expenditures or ongoing maintenance costs. Deployment is virtually instant. Unlike other fax solutions, a new GuiFax account can be set up within hours upon receipt of your information.

Give your employee a digital fax number that is compatible with Outlook® and any other email software. Send and receive faxes as email attachments from your desktop or receive faxes to your wireless PDA while on the road. Manage your account directly online and customize to your needs in real time.

Dedicated Support
Upon sign up you will be assign a dedicated account representative. They are available to help insure you get the personalized service that GuiFax is known for. Around the clock support is also available from our trained technical team online or by phone.

Real-time Account Access
Our proprietary online Admin Portal allows you to manage all aspects of your account on-the-fly. Detailed monthly reporting on inbound and outbound fax usage is available with a click of the mouse.

Competitive Pricing
GuiFax is an unlimited faxing solution, unlike our competitor who charge a monthly fee, plus per page fees. Through GuiFax’s solutions you’re able to take advantage of unlimited free inbound and outbound faxing for one low monthly fee.

With GuiFax’s Messaging Service your employees can receive faxes as e-mail and have multiple options for electronic fax sending:

Fax Sending:
GuiFax’s E-mail to Fax Service allows your employees to send a fax directly from your existing e-mail system, simply by addressing an e-mail with attachments to

Fax Receiving:
GuiFax’s Fax to E-mail Service delivers faxes as PDF attachments to an e-mail message right to a user’s e-mail inbox.