Toll Free number at no extra charge
No busy signals & no waiting to send and receive
Send/Receive multiple faxes at a time
Pay by credit card
Unlimited Sending and Receiving
GuiFax™ vs. Using eFax® - ROI Calculator

Using the ROI calculator you’ll be able to gauge the savings that your company will realize using GuiFax™ Messaging solution. Simply fill in the information below to calculate how much you can start saving today.

How many E-Fax nubmers do you have?
How many employees do you have?
How many fax pages does your company received per month? 
How many fax pages does your company send per month?

*Your eFax® Monthly Cost: $
GuiFax™ Messaging Service Cost: $
Monthly Savings Using GuiFax™: $
*eFax® is a registered trademark of j2 Global Communications. Calculated rates are directly from as of 05/01/2006
**Costs and Savings may vary. Information is provided as an estimated amount.