Toll Free number at no extra charge
No busy signals & no waiting to send and receive
Send/Receive multiple faxes at a time
Pay by credit card
Unlimited Sending and Receiving

GuiFax Frequently Asked Questions

Does this service require special software?
The GuiFax Faxing Service requires no special software. Simply using your existing e-mail client and registering your e-mail address with GuiFax allows you to send faxes from your e-mail.

What kind of messages can I send?
You can send any message you can e-mail. GuiFax accepts plain text messages as well as over 80 attachment types. Typical documents that can be sent as attachments include MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Can I send messages to both fax and e-mail addresses in the same message?
With the GuiFax Service you can combine message delivery types--you can send to both an e-mail address and a fax address in the same message.

Is there a limit on the number of pages I can send?
It is recommended you limit the number of pages to no greater than 150. If your business needs require you to send more than 150 pages per transmission please contact your GuiFax sales representative for a solution that meets the need for high volume messaging.

What happens if my fax cannot be delivered?
GuiFax automatically retries the receiving fax machine in the event of a busy signal. If your message is successfully delivered you will receive a positive confirmation of delivery to your e-mail box. If your message could not be delivered, you will receive a non-delivery notification to your e-mail box with a reason as to why the message could not be delivered.

Does GuiFax charge for non-delivered faxes?
There is no extra charge for non-delivered faxes. Unlike other faxing service GuiFax offers unlimited faxing.

Can I use my e-mail address book to store fax addresses?
Yes, you can create fax addresses in your e-mail client address book. The fax number should be saved as an e-mail address of If you have both an e-mail address and a fax number for a recipient you may want to store the fax entry in your address book as Recipient name - fax to distinguish between the addresses.